About Ejima Yarn

Who we are.
Who is Ejima Yarn? Ejima means twins translated in Igbo, a Nigerian language. Our names are Victoria Uju Omekam and Ashley Ngozi Omekam and we are the twin sisters who gave birth to Ejima Yarn. As college students in 2015, we were struggling with depression, anxiety, and stress and needed a healthy outlet to let our frustrations out. Through therapy and practicing self-love, we began knitting more often than we had before. Our friends took notice of our work and suggested we start selling our work. Thus, creating Ejima Yarn as an e-commerce online boutique pushes us even more to help our customers stay warm throughout the fall and winter seasons.

SweetheartsA word from knitter and creator, La’Shea Thomas: "This collection is very personal to me and has some history attached to it. When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of time with a woman who was known formally as Ms. Thomas. Ms. Thomas was full of love, laughter, and warmth. Many church members, family members, and friends loved her and her spirit so much she earned the nickname Sweetheart. Sweetheart was an African American woman that taught me the creative lifelong skill that is crocheting. She taught me that I could give back in a wholesome and meaningful way. Unfortunately, in the summer of 2015, Sweetheart passed away after a long and hard battle with Cancer. In her Honor and Memory, I want to permanently and publicly continue her legacy through this team, company, and brand. My first name is La’Shea which means Lovely. All of these unique pieces are made with love, care, and positivity. Seeing your creative-healing outlet turned into a product gives you Hope, Faith, and Strength to never give up on your gifts. Hello everyone, my name is La’Shea Thomas, and welcome to Sweetheart’s.

My name is Nayra Flores. Born in Bolivia, I started sewing as a young girl, taught by my nanny. I always enjoyed doing it, even when I was told it wouldn’t take me far. In high school, I also took a fashion design class and sew there as well but still didn’t pursue it as I should have. Maybe a year ago or so I started sewing tags for Ejima Yarn and remembered how much I actually enjoy doing it and now I am the person who sews their tags and also lining for their beanies and head warmers.

Known for her expertise in illustration, web design and packaging design, multicultural artist Madia Walker creates dynamic compositions that will pull in your targeted consumers every time. With over six years of experience in the creative industry, Madia has helped maintain and keep graphics on Ejima Yarn's website consistent. Her inspiration for her projects comes from community or societal research, and her visual ideas are expressed in an effective and meaningful way. You can view more of her projects by visiting madiasdomain.com.